by Dr. Henry “Hank” Allen

No social system ever created can survive the lethal cancer of epic stupidity and moral corruption (Daniel 5). Messiah Yeshua indicated as much when confronting the indecent rulers of His society in Matthew 23. Moreover, 2Timothy 3 reveals how the moral foundations of any civilization can be ruined by spiritual decadence. When citizens view evil as good and good as evil, the downfall of that society is just a matter of time. When justice is impotent, vanity and corruption foreshadow imminent doom or collapse! No amount of weaponry or technology can prevent this outcome (Proverbs 21: 30).

How does this relate to our times? When leaders strain a gnat in order to swallow a camel (or dinosaur), such capitulation is reprobate (Matthew 23). When controlling the superficial behaviors or expressions of social media matters more than saving the lives of children or innocent, weak victims from lethal gun violence via assault weapons, there is no possible truth to sanction such reprehensible vanity. When leaders use their power to hide their narcissism, societies crumble (Ezekiel 34). When leaders ignore the pain and pathos of the helpless, they invariably reap what they have sown as the proverbial clowns of corruption.

James 3: 14-16 warns us about confusion and evil, contrasting envy and jealousies with the character traits of godly behavior (James 3:16-18). Has this biblical wisdom been routinely ignored by denizens in church and society? Do the lives of the weak, neglected, and oppressed matter more than money, protocols, and fabricated civility? Does evidence matter more than platitudes or rhetoric about patriotism? Have those who cherish mythologies been unmasked by their own greed as well as hypocrisies? Such disgust reflects Revelation 3: 14-22 or Matthew 5:13!

The generation responsible for this mess and its consequences need to study the Book of Jude that predicts their ultimate fate!