Justice Formation Fellowship

The Justice Formation Fellowship is…

A group of churches who unite together for the transformative work of justice in our world, rooted in a commitment to love our neighbor and the recognition of God’s image in humanity. We believe the Bible reveals that our God loves and delights in Justice. More profoundly, we believe Scripture makes it clear that God requires his chosen to do justice.

The image of God in humanity manifests as the love and pursuit of the justice God loves. In light of this truth, we believe the church, the body of Christ, is called to proclaim the message and practice the ministry of reconciling humanity to God and all peoples with each other. We see the Institute for Justice Formation as an essential movement in the academic institutions of the church that can, through an informed understanding of God’s self-revelation, lead our fellowship of churches to become a justice-seeking congregation.

Unreservedly, we stand with the Institute for Justice Formation, pledging our support, prayers, and commitment to the work of warring against injustice. We stand with each other as we seek to build a fellowship of justice-seeking congregations through worship, education, and advocacy.

We invite you to join us as we dismantle structures, denounce systems, and discontinue silently sanctioning norms and biases that separate us from God and move, intentionally, towards being the church Jesus built and equipped for victory, under the auspices of the Holy Spirit.

Read the introductory article from from Pastor Drew Hill HERE.