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Graduate Certificate in Biblical Justice Formation

The Institute for Justice Formation awards a Graduate Certificate (GCBJF) in Biblical Justice Formation. Students may pursue the Certificate alone or as the focus of a master’s degree program. Information on the GCJF is available on the next page. Read students testimonials about their experience at IJF at this link.

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The Graduate Certificate in Biblical Justice Formation                                                                     

The Graduate Certificate in Biblical Justice Formation (GCBJF) is a program of study designed for students interested in what the Bible has to say about justice, and what relevance that has for people, particularly Christians, today. The program is ideal for people across all vocations who wish to point ways forward for everyone seeking to think and act in harmony with God–a community of equals pursuing Biblical justice in the world today. The GCBJF is taught on the master’s level and is designed to be completed in two years part-time or one year full-time.

What distinguishes this Certificate?

The absolute search for justice as revealed by God distinguishes the Graduate Certificate in Biblical Justice Formation from the pursuits of justice theorists who do not anchor their search for justice in God’s preserved word. “In search of Biblical Justice” is the rudder for both the content and contours of the Certificate’s core curriculum.

The Certificate is further distinguished by its collaborations with the wider public to establish, implement, and maintain Christ-centered behaviors in private and public marketplaces. Knowing and accepting God’s self-disclosed justice is the common thread that runs through churches, communities, and wider publics in pursuit of Biblical Justice.

The collective performance of advocates from all communities will be the vehicle that breaks barriers and brings healing to the wounded and seeks peace in strife. Specifically, the embrace of truth about worldly constructions employed to sustain the way we view ourselves verses others will be the foundation for actualizing authentic justice through grace.

As a result of collaboratively cultivating our common thread through worship, education, and advocacy pursuits, worship and fellowship with those inside and outside walls that divide us, under the auspices of the Holy Spirit, students, professors, pastors and public servants, will learn how to become advocates of attainable prayers for the weak and the vulnerable. More profoundly, the Holy Spirit will teach us how to pray as the weak and the vulnerable.