Critical Race Theory Webinar Series

Critical Race Theory Webinar Series

This three-session seminar explored the foundations, the debates, and the implications of Critical Race Theory (CRT): a framework from legal scholarship that analyzes the structural nature of racism in the U.S.

In this series we attempted to answer some pressing questions about CRT: Where does CRT come from? Is CRT a danger to Christian beliefs or does it help people of faith to fight racism? Are there positive, practical implications of CRT for the Church and its witness to the world?

Led by a team of experienced scholars, pastors, and educators who have worked with CRT in their own ministries.

  • Dr. Hank Allen is a sociologist with 40 years of experience who has pursued ongoing research regarding police shootings, race and ethnic relations.
  • Dr. Jeff Willetts is a former dean of two theological schools, a scholar, and senior pastor of Parkwood Baptist Church who believes the Church can embrace all people.
  • Dr. Denise Janssen is a professor of Christian education at the Samuel Dewitt Proctor School of Theology who uses multiple frameworks to shape teaching that is inclusive and empowering.
  • Dr. Robert Wallace is the senior pastor of McLean Baptist Church who finds Scripture to be a liberating message for all people.

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The following are the accompanying presentations for each session, created by Dr. Hank Allen:

10/30/2021 Critical Race Theory Presentation

11/06/2021 Critical Race Theory Presentation

11/13/2021 Critical Race Theory Presentation

Sponsored by The Institute for Justice Formation at the John Leland Center, the Mid-Atlantic Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, and the Washington Theological Consortium