Collaborators & Partners

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Washington Theological Consortium

The Washington Theological Consortium is a community of theological schools and partners from diverse traditions that pursue ecumenical dialogue, interfaith understanding, and educational collaboration to better equip clergy and laity for the ministry of the Church in a diverse society.

Washington Theological Consortium

Cornelius Corps

Building transforming relationships through a network (Corps) of churches and individuals committed to a shared journey of racial justice/reconciliation and spiritual formation is the focus of a special ministry based in Washington, DC.

Our name is inspired by the Biblical story of Cornelius and Peter in the book of Acts (10:1 – 11:18).  Through visions given by God, these two men were able to transcend boundaries of race, culture, and privilege by the power of the Holy Spirit.

We believe that God is still calling and empowering us to this journey of racial justice/reconciliation and spiritual formation .

Mt. Vernon Baptist Church

Mt. Vernon is an active Christ-centered community where believers from diverse backgrounds experience the feast of faith, fellowship and food in the name of Jesus. We worship God because he faithfully prepares tables of ministry before us. Through fellowship at Mt. Vernon, we make room at our tables for members, friends, and visitors to exercise their gift(s) for the glory of God. At our tables, under the auspices of the Holy Spirit, we share one another’s joys, bear one another’s burdens, and eat homemade food seasoned by giving saints.

Mt. Vernon Baptist Church

Memorial Baptist Church

Memorial Baptist Church was founded in 1947 when the population of Arlington was growing rapidly. The church was sharply divided over racial issues in the early 1960’s, but emerged from that conflict to become a more diverse and inclusive fellowship. More recently Memorial Baptist Church has been characterized by a strong missions focus, locally and internationally, with a renewed focus on racial justice. Participation in the Justice Formation Fellowship has been enthusiastically endorsed.

MBC Arlington

First Baptist Church of Herndon

First Baptist Church of Herndon is a caring family of faith, in the heritage of cooperative Baptists, located in the heart of Herndon, Virginia. The purpose of the Church is to regularly worship God, to innovatively enlist and develop followers of Christ, to learn and apply His teachings, to lovingly care for persons in need, and to support and participate in local and global mission efforts.

Our membership spans four generations. The congregation has become increasingly diverse, reflecting demographic changes in Herndon and Northern Virginia. Many members are immigrants from Africa, the Middle East, the Far East, and Central America. We share our building with a separate Hispanic congregation and an International Support Group. Reaching out to the diverse community of Herndon is a growing and significant part of our ministry and our way of celebrating all of God’s children.  We may not be the right place for everyone, but we may just be the right place for you.

First Baptist Church of Herndon, VA

Saint Paul Baptist Church

  • Saint Paul Baptist Church understands its purpose is to glorify God, to be the evidence of the Kingdom of God on earth and to advance the Kingdom of God by preparing for the new age.
  • The church operates under the leadership of Jesus Christ and the spiritual guidance of our Pastor.
  • We believe in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ
  • We believe our doctrinal authority prevails under the auspices of the Holy Bible.
  • We believe in the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • We believe an authentic spiritual relationship with God through Jesus Christ is required to be counted among “The Called”.
  • We believe in a combined understanding and experience of Jesus the Savior and Messiah.
  • We believe that the great work of Jesus Christ continues in “The Called”.
  • We believe in the POWER of prayer.
  • We believe that “The Called” is a new race elected by God to be united with Christ through Baptism and the race currently rules with Christ and will do so in the new Jerusalem.
St. Paul Baptist Church

Reformed Institute of Metropolitan Washington

The Reformed Institute aims to equip those who make use of its offerings with a clear understanding of what it means to be Reformed, and to help them make creative use of the Reformed tradition’s resources in addressing contemporary problems and concerns.


United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

A living memorial to the Holocaust, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum inspires citizens and leaders worldwide to confront hatred, prevent genocide, and promote human dignity. Federal support guarantees the Museum’s permanent place on the National Mall, and its far-reaching educational programs and global impact are made possible by generous donors.

Holocaust Museum