IJF Advisory Group: Reflections on the decision in the Breonna Taylor Case

by Carl Jensen

One of the great blessings of our IJF advisory fellowship is our diversity. We have walked many different life paths and have experienced the world’s realities in many different ways. We continue to learn from one another.


In the wake of the ongoing Breonna Taylor tragedy, Pastor Sam Feemster asked each of us to offer a brief reflection. He gave us no more direction, other than to ask us not to share our reflections. What follows are the almost spontaneous thoughts of men and women who have mostly served others—in the church, in law enforcement, in professional vocation, in academe. We wanted to allow our own unique experiences to lead us down a variety of paths, in the hope of arriving at a shared destination.


Not surprisingly, we have reaffirmed what Dr. King said so many years ago from the Birmingham Jail: “Justice too long delayed is justice denied.”