I Don’t Trust You

by Dr. Inez Tuck, January 2022

My thoughts and ponderings during this time of political upheaval and disarray while the Omicron virus surges.


I don’t trust you during these turbulent times.

Your words don’t match your actions.

Do you really recognize my humanity?

Do you mean it when you say you want to alleviate poverty?

Are you concerned about my health and well-being?

Do you feel my pain and weariness of racism?

Do you take risks to seek justice on my behalf?

Will you support my citizenry as much as your own?



Are you a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

A politician with empty words?

A champion only when it benefits you?

Do you mask your true thoughts with platitudes?

Are you standing at a pulpit with clanging cymbals?

So fearful of me that you can’t speak the truth?


I want to trust

In the goodness of all,

In the truth wherever it takes us,

In fairness and justice,

In God’s holy words,

In you.

I ask that you be honest for a change,

Be worthy of my trust.


I believe in this American dream for all.

I have faith that I matter, that we all matter.

In my heart I know our humanity is interconnected.

My thriving is your thriving,

Our mutual thriving is this country’s survival.

Questionable: Trust needed? Trust deserved? Trust earned?

Maybe, prayerfully, my trust given.