Anger but not surprise by Temitope Oyegbile M.D.

I was really angry and upset to hear the outcome of Breonna Taylor’s case, but I was not surprised. I had seen the KY AG speak at the RNC and read that he was married to the Senate Majority Leader’s niece. I had hoped for the usual Officers Charged but eventually Acquitted because of the way the laws are written. However, this was worse than that because essentially her life meant nothing, and she was just collateral damage.

Whether it was a No-Knock Warrant, or it was verbally changed to a Knock and Enter Warrant over the phone she should NOT HAVE LOST HER LIFE. I wonder if there is ever a time when there is a completely unnecessary and unexpected loss of life or loss of function that healthcare providers can say it was collateral damage and no one is held accountable.

Breonna’s family will receive a $12 million settlement of taxpayer’s money and that means law enforcement was not held accountable in any way. It does not hurt their budget while healthcare providers at the very least are sued and many times lose their practice, assets and possibly license. The taxpayers don’t pay for healthcare providers mistakes. The laws MUST be changed to hold people accountable for their own actions.